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Welcome to ESTC

College of Science established a new institute "Global Environment and Natural Resources Institute (GENRI)"

COS team attended the HMNDP meeting in Geneva during march 11-15, 2013.

Mr. Di Wu, an ESGS Ph.D. student, received the "Best Student Research Poster & Oral Presentation Award" in the GIS day 2012 poster competition.

Dr. Byong-Lyol LEE, President of the Commission for Agricultural Meteorology (CAgM), World Meteorological Organization (WMO) visited College of Science (COS), George Mason University (GMU) during June 2-9, 2012.

ESTC and NCAM agreed on long-term cooperation

COS signs a MOU with the NCC/CMA for cooperative research and exchanging scientists and students

Mason Signs MOU for Environmental Research with Chinese Scientists

COS Starts New Environmental Science and Technology Center with China

Environmental Science and Technology Center(ESTC) is a joint interdisciplinary center focusing on the fields of global environmental and climate monitoring, global carbon measuring, flood forecasting and defense, water resources management, ecological protection and restoration and Earth observations. The center offers the opportunity to mix researchers from various cultural backgrounds and give them a high-level approach with an international vision, provide in-depth knowledge in the interdisciplinary field of environmental and climate research, and teach them the skills, tools and methodologies to support a global approach for solving complex problems.