• April 30, 2010
  • ESTC participates the World Meteorology Origination (WMO) WAMIS efforts

    Prof. John Qu, director of ESTC was invited to attend WMO Expert Meeting on Potential Information Technologies and Tools for Future WAMIS Applications during 26-28 April 2010 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.  He also gave an invited talk entitled "Satellite-based Applications to Monitor Environment and Climate Changes".

    The World AgroMeteorological Information Service (WAMIS) is a dedicated web server that countries and organizations can place their agrometeorological bulletins and advisories. By providing a central location for agrometeorological information, users can quickly and easily evaluate the various bulletins and gain insight into improving their own bulletins. Also, these bulletins represent the expert knowledge of the individual countries and can be used to assess extreme events and disasters in a historical perspective especially when an archive of bulletins is present.  Placement of agrometeorological bulletins on WAMIS.The current issues facing the WAMIS project are increasing the use of the website by members and developing the latest technological tools and resources to support operational applications. The meeting reviewed the current status and capabilities of WAMIS; surveyed the current state-of-the-art information technologies and internet tools (i.e., satellite remote sensing, GIS, downscaling, advanced monitoring, model forecasting) that have application to agrometeorology; evaluated and identify technologies and tools on their usefulness to global or regional agrometeorological communities and their potential to be hosted on WAMIS; and made make recommendations on potential new WAMIS applications including the development of draft project proposals.