• October-19, 2009
  • Prof. Yong Luo visited ESTC

    Prof. Yong Luo, the Deputy General Director of Chinese National Climate Center (NCC or Beijing Climate Center) visited ESTC on October 19, 2009. Prof. John Qu presented the ESTC scopes and research activities regarding remote sensing of climate and environment. Dr. Luo showed high interests of future cooperation with ESTC after learning the ESTC's work on monitoring drought/soil moisture, forest disturbances, smoke and dust aerosol by using satellite remote sensing. He also met Prof. Paul Schopf, Associate Dean for Research and Computing, Prof. DavidĀ  M. Straus, Professor of Climate Dynamics and Chair Department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Earth Sciences and Dr. Xiaoquan Zhao from Center for Climate Change Communication for discussing future collaboration between NCC and GMU on climate change studies.