• August 11-17, 2009
  • August 11-17, 2009, Prof. Shengjie Niu, the Vice president of NUIST, Visit ESTC and Participate in the 17th International Conference of Geo-informatics

    Prof. Shengjie Niu, the vice president of Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology (NUIST), visited the ESTC/COS/GMU on August 11-17, 2009. It was his second GMU visiting. Prof. John Qu, the director of ESTC, warmly greeted Prof. Niu and gave a brief introduction about ESTC development and the scientific achievements.

    Prof. Niu also participated in the 17th International Conference on Geoinformatics held at GMU during Aug.12-14. As a co-chair of the special session of “Remote Sensing of Environment and Climate” organized by Prof. Qu, he gave an invited talk entitled “Determination of Microphysical Properties for dense fog over Nanjing in 2006-2007 with AVHRR Measurements”.

    During his GMU visiting, Prof. Niu met Prof. Vikas Chandhoke, the Dean of COS, Prof. Peter N. Stearns, GMU Provost, and Prof. Roger R. Stough, GMU Vice President for Research, for discussing long-term collaboration between GMU and NUIST.

    Prof. Niu’s visiting would strengthen the cooperation between the GMU and NUIST, promote the development of environment and climate science study, considering the research work conducted in NUIST supported by the key Laboratory for Atmospheric Physics and Environment (LAPE), and the Key Laboratory of Meteorological Disaster of Ministry of Education (KLME).