GGS Colloquium (GGS900), Fall 2017
Climate Change and Water-Energy-Food Nexus


    Course Information
    Title:GGS 900 Colloquium, Climate Change and Water-Energy-Food Nexus
    CRN: 82713
    Time:  4:30pm-6:10pm, Wednesdays, 08/28-12/20/2017
    Location: Exploratory Hall 1005
    Instructor: Prof. John J. Qu and Dr. Ray Motha
    Telephone: (703) 993-3958 and (703)993-6048
    Office: Room 2412 and Room 3409, Exploratory Hall
    Office Hour: Stop by 2:00-4:00PM Wednesdays or make appointment

    Course Description

    Climate affects the natural environment where human beings live and survive, and the essential resources for the sustainable economic and social development. Climate change has left noticeable impacts on global food security and water security and on the global sustainable development as well. Both climate and environment changes have drawn unprecedented concerns of national governments and many communities, and great attentions of international organizations. Since climate change has become a critical global challenge it is, therefore, calling for the urgent response of international communities. The GGS colloquium will focus on topics related to climate change and Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus and provide opportunities for “scientific thinking”.


    Seminar Date Topic Speaker
    Week one: 08/30 Climate Change and Water Energy and Food Nexus [PPT]
    John Qu
    Week two: 09/06 Weather and Climate Strategies for Sustainable Agriculture [PPT] Ray Motha
    Week three: 09/13 Climate Change and Food Security [PPT]
    Reading 1
    Reading 2
    John Qu
    Week four: 09/20 Food security, food prices and extreme weather and climate [PPT] Group Learning
    Week five: 09/27 NOAA Climate Programs and National Climate Assessment Jin Huang
    Week six: 10/04 Climate Change and Renewable Energy Asbindu Singh
    Week seven: 10/11 Remote Sensing Applications on Solar Energy Dan Czirjak
    Week eight: 10/18
    Week nine: 10/25
    Week ten: 11/01
    Week eleven: 11/08
    Week twelve: 11/15
    Week thirteen: 11/22 Thanksgiving Break
    Week fourteen: 11/29
    Week fifteen: 12/06 Final paper due

    Final presentation and term paper

    Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus related final presentations and final term papers are encouraged.


  • Participation: 50%
  • Class presentation and report: 50%

  • Useful Links

    1. WMO web page
    2. USDA/WAOB
    3. FAO web page
    4. WAMIS web page
    5. IFPRI web page
    6. FEWS web page